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Alex T.Y. Au 歐天勇
(M.A in composition)

Alex is an active composer, conductor, producer, jazz pianist and a promoter of contemporary music. He received his master degree with distinction (Composition) at The University of York, supervised by Dr. Thomas Simaku. Alex's works have been widely performed in different places, including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Zhuhai, Macau, Taiwan and Britain. Alex also learned Orchestra Conducting from Dr. John Stringer in the U.K. and Roberto Paternostro in Berlin. He was selected by York University Concert Orchestra (YUCO) as a guest conductor in 2011 and Berlin Sinfonietta in 2014.

Besides being a professional composer, he is an enthusiastic jazz pianist, he met one of his mentor - John Talyor when he studied in the U.K. Alex has also worked with a wide range of top musicians including Lonnie William, Ted Lo, Kazuo Takeda, Iain Ballamy and Julian Arguelles, etc and also performed in several International Jazz Festivals.

Since 2007, Alex has taken up one more role as a music producer of a music production house (PMW Works) in Hong Kong. He produces and arranges music for musicals, jingles and local pop music industry. etc.

In 2011, Alex has taken up one more role as the Founding President of Avant Music Group Association of Hong Kong (AMGA) - a non-profit association aiming at establishing a platform for the local composers and young amateur musicians and creating more opportunities for them to exchange and perform their works through interactive musical activities, so as to promote contemporary music creation, development, review and culture.


Alex 為本港作曲家,自幼學習鋼琴,亦學習小提琴及結他。 隨後更受正統音樂訓練,
於英國約克大學取得音樂碩士學位,主修作曲。師承Dr. Thomas Simaku, Prof. Roger Marsh, Wolfgang Liebhart, 亦跟隨 Dr. John Stringer學習管弦樂指揮技巧。其後在柏林跟隨Maestro Roberto Paternostro學習指揮,曾先後擔任York Univerisity Concert Orchestra及Berlin Sinfonietta的客席指揮。Alex積極從事音樂創作、指揮及演奏等工作, 其作品亦很多完化,包括管弦樂(Contemporary Classical)、室樂、合唱、流行、電子及爵士樂等等,於香港、上海、珠海、澳門、台灣及英國公開演奏。

除此之外,Alex亦熱愛爵士音樂,在英國留學期間,曾得到著名爵士鋼琴家John Taylor之指導。Alex亦經常參與國際爵士音樂節的表演嘉賓, 更與Iain Ballamy, Julian Arguelles, Lonnie William及竹田和夫等國際知名樂手合作演出。

於2007年在本港開設的製作及錄音室Perfect Music Works,曾為電視廣告、電影、舞蹈、音樂劇、宗教、學校/教育團體、電腦動畫/網頁及多媒體等傳媒原創及改編音樂。 在2011年與數名作曲家及演奏家創立香港現代音樂協會,擔任創會主席及音樂總監,積極推廣原創及當代古典音樂。

2011-Present    President - Avant Music Group Association of Hong Kong
2008-2009       Conductor - PMW Chamber Ensemble
2007-Present    Producer - Perfect Music Work
2006-2007       Music writer in Universal music
2005-2006       Music writer in Rock music
2002-Present    Composers & Authors Society of Hong Kong Ltd.

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